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What are they?

iNail gel wraps are a sticker that is made from semi cured gel. The gel has been cured at 65% so remains flexible for you to fit to your nail until cured 100% with a uv lamp.

How long do they last?

We have enjoyed our nails for periods of 10-14 days and even longer, some customers have reached 3-4 weeks, with the right aftercare they will last until you want to remove

Will they damage my nails?

They will not, we have found a way that you can achieve and enjoy salon quality nails with no damage and no harsh chemicals 

Do I need the UV light?

Yes, the semi cured nails will need to finish the curing process to stick and last on your nails. This will set the nails and cure them to 100%

I have short nails can I use them?

Yes of course! iNail does not discriminate against your nail size, we recommend that you don’t go for a tip style as they can be quite high so you may not get the tip design on you nail if they are too short 

What if I bite my nails?

Hopefully you would not be tempted to bite your beautiful nails once they are applied.

My nails are not lasting am I doing something wrong?

We try to provide you with as much Information as possible when it comes to applying and caring for your nails, we have very good reviews on our nails and know that they can last, but lasting will be down to these factors, please feel free to reach out so we can find out what's happening during you application and aftercare.

How do I remove them?

Full instructions on how to remove will be included in your order, removal is quick easy and damage free

Are they vegan cruelty free?

Absolutely, we love that we can offer cruelty free products offering you Amazing nails and keeping our furry friends safe

Can I extend my nail with them?

iNail get wraps are not intended to give you a nail extensionbut to simply work with what you already have, the gel will cure hard to your nail but not work with adding length, if you want to apply tips before that will work perfectly fine.